Connecting manufacturing data professionals for a day of collaboration and learning

Industrial Data Summit is about practical steps that manufacturing organisations can take to collect, manage and leverage their data to enable them to run their factories and businesses in a more efficient and cost-effective way, which is critically important in this present economy.

Topics covered include:

  • What data to collect, and how, including use of sensors

  • How to manage your data, including data quality and standardisation, cleansing, and integrating disparate data sources

  • How you ensure the data integrity right through the value chain

  • How to eliminate data silos

  • How AI can be used to ensure the production line works efficiently

  • How to analyse and visualise your data

  • How to use the data you have collected to create new revenue streams

What will you achieve?

Faster problem solving ensuring less downtime and better quality 

Use of predictive analytics – prepare for the future; maintenance and forecasting 

An efficient supply chain with optimised logistics & distribution

Improved customer insights to deliver better service, predict sales & product lifespans and find new market opportunities 

Faster & more robust product development 

Monetise data or move to a service-based model 

Knowledge & visibility enabling better decision making 

Use of simulations – ‘What-If’ scenarios 


Join over 75 people in the industry – from senior data experts and users in leading manufacturing companies to industry experts from world-class technology companies.


Get educated on industrial data by learning from our inspiring keynote speakers, our expert discussion room hosts, and from your peers that contribute on the day. Come away from the conference with that one great idea that you can implement right away.

Stay ahead

The industry is constantly evolving, and nowhere is that more true than with data. Keep up to date with the latest technology and applications transforming UK manufacturing, and learn how others are dealing with the current disruption.

Solve your challenge

Whatever your challenges are, our interactive format lets you ask questions live, ensuring that practical issues and examples are discussed, including your specific challenges. Ask the questions you need answering – and learn from the experience of those who have been through it.

Kickstart your data strategy

Wherever you are in the Data Journey, Industrial Data Summit will give you everything you need to plan your next steps and start turning data into real business value.


Past Attendees Say

  • Client Image

    A great summit. The range of speakers and topics were excellent and there was ample opportunity for Q&A. The biggest suprise for me was how well the roundtable talks worked. Brilliant! Highly reccommended.

    • EU Researcher
    • Honda Engineering Europe Ltd
  • Client Image

    The event overall was good, with a wide variety of speakers addressing problems that many of us have faced in our data journeys.

    • Enterprise Data Manager
    • Sellafield LTD
  • Client Image

    It was a pleasure to attend and participate at the event. I think the way participants interacted with their questions and during the live sessions was particularly commendable. The content, as always, was spot on.

    • AI & Machine Learning Engineer
    • GSK

Who Should Attend?

Industrial Data Summit is designed for Operations, IT and Data professionals working within companies with a turnover of £100m+, from every sector of the manufacturing industry.  Examples include:

  • Global Director of Data Science
  • Head of Digitalisation
  • Head of AI / Lead AI Architect 
  • COO / Operations Director  
  • Founder / CEO / Managing Director 
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Engineering Director / Head of Mechanical Engineering
  • Head of IT / Business Intelligence Manager / Senior Systems and Software Developer
  • CTO / Technology and Technical Director
  • Automation Manufacturing Manager / Automation Lead 
  • R&D Manager 

Previous attendees include