The timings for the day are shown in the Agenda below.

For each discussion session, you get to choose one of the themed roundtables to sit at – see the table map below. Jump into conversation on the topics that matter most to you for five 30-minute sessions throughout the day!

Between sessions, hear from our keynote speakers from industry-leading manufacturers & technology companies, as they share insights, case studies and lessons learned from cutting-edge industrial data projects.

Enjoy refreshments & a full served lunch during the breaks – and use the time to network and follow up on interesting conversations you’ve had throughout the day!


9:30 Chair’s Welcome

9:45 Opening Keynote

10:00 Industry Keynote 1

10:15 Discussion Leader Introductions

10:30 Discussion Session 1

11:00 Industry Keynote 2

11:15 Coffee Break

11:45 Industry Keynote 3

12:00 Discussion Session 2

12:30 Industry Keynote 4

12:45 Discussion Session 3

13:15 Lunch Break

14:15 Industry Keynote 5

14:30 Discussion Session 4

15:00 Industry Keynote 6

15:15 Discussion Session 5

15:45 Summit Recap

16:00 Close of Summit

Roundtable topics

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Data Management

Table 1 - Data Collection Strategy

Data Collection Strategy

What data should you collect, and how?

Table 2 - Sensors & IoT

Sensors & IoT

Cheap, simple sensor technology can be used to monitor a variety of processes and equipment

Table 3 - Storage Structures

Storage Structures

Different types of structures and best practice for storing data

Table 4 - Data Integration

Data Integration

Bringing it all together in one single source of truth

Table 5 - Data Quality & Integrity

Data Quality & Integrity

Good decisions can only be made on good data – How can you get it right?

Table 6 - Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Business case and best practice for storing data in the cloud

Table 7 - Data Security

Data Security

Protecting your data & systems from theft or compromise, for security & compliance

Table 8 - Data Talent

Data Talent

How to grow the powerful data-minded teams required for success

Data Insights

Table 9 - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Technology to unlock value from data

Table 10 - Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation

Visual solutions allow for effective communication and better decision making

Table 11 - AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Cutting through the hype to see real use cases and best practice

Table 12 - Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics

Business case and best practice for cloud

Table 13 - Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Using data to understand your customers and serve them more effectively

Table 14 - Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Analytics platforms allow you to predict breakdowns and fix them before they happen

Table 15 - Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

Predict demand for better decision making throughout the value chain

Table 16 - Monetising Your Data

Monetising Your Data

Practical strategies for turning data into tangible value, both internally and externally